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Penny Mallory's Focus WRC
Available Now (June 2001)
Pinnacle Insurance/Ford Racing Ford Focus WRC. Penny Mallory/Sue Mee

Blue Peter Lancer Evo5
Available Now (June 2001)
Blue Peter Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 5. Ben Briant/Konnie Huq

Radstrom Lancer Evo6
Available Now (June 2001)
Ralliart Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6. Thomas Radstrom/Tina Thorner

Akerstroms/Castrol Toyota Corolla WRC
Akerstroms/Castrol Toyota Corolla WRC. Thomas Radstrom/Tina Thorner

Reebok Top Fuel Dragster
Cristen Powell's Reebok/Royal Purple/Sequent Top Fuel Dragster

NOW AVAILABLE !!! Direct from Gecko Graphics, or from one of our retailers.

Gecko Graphics decals are available from:
Grand Prix Models (UK)  +44 (1727) 845 645
Marshal Auto Supplies (UK)  +44 (1606) 860 149
MRM International (UK)  +44 (1588) 660 706
Virago Hobby (Sweden)  +46 42 34 37 48 (France)  +33 (0) 3 8090 7597
BSR Replicas (USA)  +1 (770) 719 8195

For European Sales Enquiries:
Gecko Graphics, 78a Sunderton Lane, Waterlooville, PO8 0NT Great Britain

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Gecko Graphics USA, 101 Rainbow Way, Fayetteville. GA 30214

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